Apple iPhone 4s 64GB/32GB 4G HD ,32GB,16GB Factory Unlocked

All our product is made from the original manufacturer. 2year international warranty coverage from the original manufacturer store & 100 days return policy USA

IPhone 4s,4G with HD is the thinnest, highest resolution, best camera, HD video recording, video calling, extended battery life iPhone from Apple. The best part is they are factory unlocked to be used on ANY GSM carrier worldwide!

All ORIGINAL accessories are included.
Apple iPhone 4s 64GB/32GB 4G HD ,32GB,16GB  Factory Unlocked + 2year International Warranty Coverage from Apple store & 100 Days Return policy USA.

Discount Price.

* Apple iPhone unlock 4G 64GB=====RM2400
* Apple iPhone unlock 4G 32GB=====RM2200
* Apple iPhone unlock 4G 32GB  ===Rm1650
* Apple iPhone unlock 4G 16GB  ===Rm1400
* Apple iPhone unlock 3G 32GB ===Rm1200
* Apple iPhone unlock 3G 16GB ===Rm1000
* Apple iPhone unlock 4S 16GB=====RM1950
* Apple iPhone unlock 4S 32GB=====RM2100
* Apple iPhone unlock 4S 64GB=====RM2300

Free delivery to anywhere in Malaysia
With 2year international warranty
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Price $ 1,650RM