BGA Rework Station


    BGA Rework Station

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    BGA Rework Station:RE8500



    • Wide lower heating area (500mmx 450mm).
    • Five channels thermocouple real time temperature reading.
    • Process & profile analyzer for complete process study and control.
    • Accurate temperature readings of /- 2°C.
    • Alarm set point to increase the process safety and control.
    • Equipped with many types of reflectors for focusing and spotting the upper heater heating area.
    • Password protection for data and settings lock.
    • High ramp preheating and reflow up to 2.5°C/sec.
    • Optimum heating with 3 controlled heating zones.
    • Ideal application cooling phase in two methods optionally direct and indirect air flow, adjustable airflow power fan.
    • All Windows multi lingual OS.



    • Dimensions L x W x H :520mm x 600mm x 310mm
    • Working depth :220 mm
    • Power supply :230 V AC, 50/60 Hz,16 A
    • Installed heating power :Total 3600 Watt. Upper heater power is 600W & Lower heaters power are 3000W
    • Upper heater size :60mm x 120 mm one zone
    • Bottom heater size : 340mm x 280mm ,2 separate heating zones
    • Distance of Upper heater to PCB :Standard is 60 mm , range from 30mm to 80mm
    • Distance of Lower heater to PCB :35 mm
    • Temperature sensor channels :5 x k-type thermocouple (potential free) 2 main and 3 optional



    We sell the most advanced and reliable BGA Rework Station used for reworking and reballing BGA chips in Laptops , Desktops , Printers, Mobiles .


    Our models are RE8500 and RE7500 . V D Intellisys is the most reliable supplier of all Laptop spare parts and Laptop repairing equipments like : DSO , DC Power Supply ,BGA chips , LCD Screens and many other products.


    BGA Rework Multiple profiling options (standard lead-free, standard leaded and user define).


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    Price $ 130000 (Rupees)


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