Adobe CQ5 Online Training is offering at Glory IT Technologies. We also provides Corporate Training and Job Support services. Adobe CQ5 is a large scale web content management system that is currently available from Adobe Systems. Adobe CQ is the foundation of the Adobe Experience Manager Solution. Which provides digital Marketers with easy to use , web based applications for creating, managing and delivering personalized online experiences

Adobe CQ5 / AEM Developer Training Course  


  • A minimum of 2 years’ experience in web development including experience with HTML, CSS and DHTML
  • Strong knowledge and experience with JavaScript in the client side environment
  • Strong knowledge and experience with Java Server Pages (JSP)
  • Advanced knowledge of Object Oriented Programming (Java preferred)
  • Knowledge of open standards (e.g. XML, LDAP)  

Adobe CQ5 Course Content

➔  Product and Platform Architecture.

➔  CQ5 Installation.

➔  Deployment Options.

➔  Consoles and Administrative Interfaces.

➔  Using the CRXDE Lite embedded development environment

➔  Creating and using templates and page-rendering components

➔  Creating pages

➔  Installing and using CRXDE

➔  Rendering page-specific content

➔  Apache Sling concepts

➔  Inheritance and component hierarchy

➔  Template and Content re-use concepts

➔  CQ5 Designer

➔  Using APIs for dynamic navigation

➔  ExtJs, Dialogs, and taking input from authors and Design dialogs

➔  Customizable Components

➔  Supporting Drag-and-Drop from Content Finder ➢ Complex Components

➔  Persistence Managers

➔  Search Concepts

➔  Creating Custom Client Library

➔  Creating a custom Widget

➔  OSGi bundles

➔  Workflow basics

➔  Custom workflow process step

➔  CQ Packages

➔  Performance optimization concepts

➔  Replication Agents

➔  Activation and Deactivation of content

➔  DAM and Managing the Assets


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