Acrylic Nail Slicer-Acrylic Tip Cutter-Aerona Beauty

    Aerona Beauty

    Acrylic Nail Slicer-Acrylic Tip Cutter-Aerona Beauty

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    Acrylic Tip Cutters are specially designed with better finger grip to cut false nails smoothly.High quality stainless steel acrylic nail slicers are best in cutting acrylic nails especially for artificial nail tip cutting.All these acrylic nail cutters are characterized by their outstanding workmanship, making them distinctly durable and highly functional. Made from selected imported Stainless Steel sheet,these nail clippers are available in all colors at AERONA BEAUTY.


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      Aerona Beauty

      Aerona Beauty

      manufacturers and exporters of beauty salon supplies like hair cutting scissors,nail clippers,shears,beauty care instruments,cuticle nipper and professional nail nipper to the customers

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