Panasonic Pir Motion Sensors

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    Panasonic Pir Motion Sensors

    Category: Products
    Type: New product
    By E Control Devices
    Reference Number: 472680

    We are offering a quality range of Panasonic PIR Motion Sensors.


    • Sensing circuits enclosed in a TO5 can
    • Super low current consumption
    • Excellent noise resistance
    • Miniaturized lenses with small elements
    • Detection Range : 12 (M)

    Application Usage :

    • Lighting: lamp, automatic switch, street lighting
    • Anti-crime devices: security camera, crime-prevention sensor
    • Home appliance: air conditioner, air purifier, fan heater
    • Commercial equipments: vending machine, copy machine
    • Audio and Visual devices: TV, PC, display



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      E Control Devices

      E Control Devices

      We, “E Control Devices,” at Faridabad (Haryana, India), are a noteworthy distributor and Supplier of superior quality Relay, Switches,Connectors & Sensors From Panasonic Brand.

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