Mobile assessment rapport


    Mobile assessment rapport

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    What could a app mean for your business? Which features should you place in an app? These are all valid questions that businesses ask themselves before getting an app. With this report you can get those answers. Some topics in this report include: 

    •   Which features to choose for your business supported by their potential added value to the app and your business.

    • Business feasibility; what do you need to keep in mind in terms of it being a business success. 

    • Technical feasibility; Is it technically feasible to be implemented in the current infrastructure of your business.

    • And more things that need to be considered when getting an app

    This report is valued at €640,- but is offered for €250,- (LIMITED OFFER) . If you choose us after getting this report, you receive 10% discount on the development fees of the app.

    Price $ 420
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    • CreateAppsHere
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      Thank you for your lovely compliment!!! We aim to inform through our blogs. If you have any questions you have regarding to anything mobile, please feel free to send us an email.



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