Universal testing machine

    Vincent Zhang

    Universal testing machine

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    By Vincent Zhang
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    FT-50 50KN universal testing machine is applied to the test and analysis of tensile, compression, bending and other mechanical properties of metal and nonmetal materials. The machine can automatically strike ReH, ReL, Rp0.2, Fm, Rt0.5, Rt0.6, Rt0.65, Rt0.7, Rm, E and other test values according to the standards GB, ISO, DIN, ASTM, JIS and other international standards.


    FT-50 universal testing machine moves the beams up and down through the transmission mechanism driven by servo motor to achieve test loading process. It has adopted advanced JR213 all-digital closed-loop control system for control and measurement, and has used the computer for the dynamic display of test process and experimental curves as well as data processing. After the test, the curve data can be analyzed and edited using the graphics processing module.


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      Vincent Zhang

      Vincent Zhang

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