3D HDMI Keystone Jack

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    3D HDMI Keystone Jack

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    Type: Ongoing
    By HDMI adapter manufacturer
    Reference Number: 431301

    3D HDMI Keystone Jack


    3D jack to jack HDMI keystones
    1 Compliance with 1080P and 3D standard
    2 ABS housing, gold plated HDMI connector

    1, HDMI A Type Female to Female Adaptor
    1, Flush type
    2, UL, ABS material
    1, Pass 1080p Testing
    2, Ethernet Testing
    3, 3D singals Testing

    HDMI Keystone Jack
    1.HDMI A Female Type adaptor
    2.1.4 version,3D-Ready,w/Ethernet
    3.Flush Style,ABS Material

    3D HDMI Keystone Jack
    HDMI A Female to Female Adaptor,1.4version,Gold Plated

    Color: White, black, or customize

    Price $ 1.2