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    Enterprise Social Network

    Category: Press releases
    Type: New product
    By Centillien
    Reference Number: 386436

    Heeze, 9 november 2013

    We opened up Centillien for new stakeholders like employees, job applicants and investors. We did that on request of many people wanting to have others access as a registered member to participate.

    We think that one specific group can benefit particularly of our new policy and that our your co workers. Sharing content is a core feature of a social network and sharing content, discussions and documents using internet is very important for people working together. It is easy to use.

    Create a corporate group and make it closed and invisible. Invite you co workers to join the group using the invite button. Upon registration, they will automatically join your group and you can start working together online.

    Offcourse this feature can also be used for specific projects to. Use it to your benefit. We hope you like this new feature.