Start your own contract cleaning franchise today - nationwide opportunity!

    Crusader Contract Cleaning Services

    Start your own contract cleaning franchise today - nationwide opportunity!

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    Type: Ongoing
    By Crusader Contract Cleaning Services
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    Crusader developed the business model and structure for Crusader Cleaning Services in response to the demand in establishing small, family-owned businesses. Crusader functions as a business franchise, providing cleaning services to commercial, industrial, domestic and medical customers in South Africa, to mention but a few. Small cleaning companies, individually owned by members of the South African community, are at the heart of the new venture and service the contracts secured for them by the franchisor and their own development.


    1. A comprehensive Business Plan that includes:

           Executive Summary

           Business Description

           Industry Analysis

           National Industry Trends

           Local Industry Trends

           Demand Model

           Market Analysis

           Market Survey

           Marketing Focus - Neighbourhood Penetration

           Marketing Focus - Government Contracts


           Competitive Assessment

           Marketing Plan

           Marketing Strategies

           Required Market Capture

           Marketing & Business Milestones

           Management and Operations

           Organizational Structure

           Crusader Commitment

           Operations Overview

           Becoming a Crusader Franchisee

           Distribution of Contracts

           Quality Control

           Billing & Payments

           Manager’s Role


           Risk Assessment and Mitigation



    1. 100 Full Colour Business Cards
    2. 250 Full Colour Flyers
    3. 150 Full Colour Brochures
    4. All Contracts, Agreements, Client Feedback and related forms
    5. Standard Documentation – all
    6. Contracts and Profiles
    7. Marketing and Advertising to the value of R2, 000.00
    8. Operations Manual
    9. Full and Ongoing training and Training Manuals (Franchisee and Staff)
    10. Ongoing support, training and assistance
    11. Your own website, online store and email addresses

    Price $ R15000
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      i would like to know more and how many franchises  do you have available in the western cape.







      Ken Botto

      - Ken Botto

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