IBM Data Power online training by experienced trainers @MINDMAJIX

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    IBM Data Power online training by experienced trainers @MINDMAJIX

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    IBM Data Power training online
    Course content for IBM Data Power online training

    • Introduction to IBM WebSphere DataPower SOA Appliances
    • DataPower services
    • XML firewall service
    • Multi-Protocol Gateway service
    • Web service proxy service Service level monitoring
    • Web application firewall service DAY 3
    • Introduction to XSL & XML DAY 4
    • DataPower cryptographic tools
    • Securing connections using SSL
    • XML threat protection
    • XML and Web services security overview
    • Authentication, authorization, and auditing
    • Configuring LDAP using AAA DAY 5
    • DataPower SOA Appliance administration
    • Problem determination tools and error handling
    • Monitoring objects

      Exercise: Content-based routing using XML firewalls

      Exercise: Configuring a Multi-Protocol Gateway service

      Exercise: Configuring a Web Service Proxy service

      Exercise: Creating a Web Application firewall service

      Exercise: Creating an XSLT Stylesheet

      Exercise: Creating cryptographic objects

      Exercise: Configuring SSL on DataPower services

      Exercise: Protecting against XML threats

      Exercise: Web service encryption and digital signatures

      Exercise: Web service authentication and authorization

      Exercise: Creating an AAA policy using LDAP

      Exercise: Exercise setup

      Exercise: Debugging errors using the troubleshooting tools and managing errors using error handlers

      Exercise: Creating, configuring, and managing