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Good work experience on SQL
Knowledge on Datawarehousing 

1) OBIEE Repository Basics

  • OBIEE 10g Architecture Components
  • Clients
  • Oracle BI Presentation Services
  • Oracle BI Server
  • Oracle BI Repository
  • Data Sources
  • Creating a new Repository using Admin Tool
  • Introduction to NQSConfig.ini file

2) Physical Layer:-

  • Importing Data Sources
  • Setting up Connection Pool Properties
  • Defining Keys and Joins
  • Examining Physical Layer Object Properties
  • Creating Alias

3) Business Model and Mapping Layer

  • Create a new Business Model
  • Creating Logical Tables and Logical Table sources (LTS)
  • Defining Logical Joins
  • Building Measures
  • Examining Business Model Object Properties

4) Presentation Layer

  • Creating Presentation layer Objects
  • Exploring Presentation Layer Objects
  • Modifying Presentation Layer Objects
  • Examining Presentation Layer Objects

5) Repository Validation

  • Checking Repository Consistency
  • Turning on Logging
  • Testing a repository using Oracle BI Answers
  • Inspecting the Query Log

6) Adding Measure to Fact table

  • Creating Measure based on Existing Logical columns
  • Creating Measure based on Existing physical columns
  • Creating Measure Using Calculation Wizard

7) Dimension Hierarchies

  • Creating Dimension Hierarchies
  • Creating Level Based Measure
  • Creating Share Measure
  • Creating Rank Measure

8) Modeling Aggregates

  • Purpose of Aggregate tables in the Dimensional Modeling
  • Modeling aggregate table to improve query performance
  • Using the Aggregate Persistence Wizard

9) Variables

  • Session Variable
  • Repository Variable
  • Initialization Block
  • Using the variable manager

10) Modeling Time Series Data

  • Using Time Comparisons in Business analysis
  • Using Oracle BI time series Functions to model Time Series Data

11) Setting Implicit Fact

  • Steps for configuring implicit fact column

12) Security

  • Adding a User to the repository
  • Setting User Permissions
  • Administrator Account

13) Cache Management

  • Advantages of Caching
  • Configuring Query Cache
  • Configuring the Cache Parameters
  • Setting Caching and Cache Persistence for Tables
  • Using the Cache Manager


  • Good work experience on SQL
  • Knowledge on Datawarehousing 
  • OBIEE : Build repositories (course 1)

1) Working with Oracle Business Intelligence Answers

  • Introduction to Oracle BI Answers
  • Working with requests in Oracle BI Answers

2) Filtering Requests in Oracle Business Intelligence Answers

  • Introduction to Filters in Answers
  • Adding Filter Prompts to Requests
  • Using Saved Requests as filter

3) Views and Charts in Requests

  • Introduction to Answers views and charts


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