Company Required Distributor All Over India


    Company Required Distributor All Over India

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    Good News For Vehicle Users Now Drive Our Vehicle Without The Risk Of Punctures And Leaks Caused By Nails , Thorns Etc. Puncture protector Is A Gel Which Have Molecules Inside It These Molecules Seals The punctures And Fix It Permanently Useful For Every Type Of Vehicle Such As Car , Bike , Scooter , Trucks , Buses , Etc. Useful For Both Tubeless & Tube Type , It Works As A Coolant inside The Tyres And Hence Keeps The Tyre Temp. Cool While Driving your Car/Bike On Highway.

    1. Protect your tyre from puncture and leakages.

    2. Best Quality of Tyre Sealant you have.

    3. Puncture Protector Increase tyre’s life.

    4. Puncture Protector Improves fuel Efficiency.

    5. Converts your Normal Tyre into Puncture proof Tyre.

    6. Once installed fluid last as long as tyre’s life.

    7. Constant Air – Pressure Will Be Maintained Inside your Tyre for A Long Time.

    8. Puncture Protector Is Environmentally safe & doesn’t Harm Your Tyre.