Improve your customer service


    Improve your customer service

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    Here is a web based solution to manage your customer queries and a workflow to keep track of all requests. Save costs and improve customer service at the same time!

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    Crystal decision support - The product is an internet based application. It is a breakthrough concept to segregate process knowledge from system knowledge based on lean principles of 5S, JIT and error proofing. The application is a “Decision support” tool with a built in workflow. The use of this application ensures process adherence and consistent decision making by a group of resources. This product is uniquely positioned to help the processor with taking a decision on ‘what to do’ in a specific situation. Most CRM and customer databases provide a detailed view of the customer to the agent, however, there is little support provided to the resources on what to do and what conditions to follow before taking a specific action on the CRM.

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