San Diego Tennis League

    eTennis League is technologically most advanced flex league website on the internet that provides quick and easy way of finding tennis partners using criteria like location, gender, age, skill level and most important of all - availability.

    Join San Diego Tennis League and play on some of the San Diego tennis courts. You can use the site to register for singles, doubles or mixed tennis leagues for all levels, or when season ends use our system completely free to schedule friendly matches with your favorite opponents. Use availability schedule and enter scores and we'll keep that stats for you.

    eTennisLeague provides all the thrills of league tennis, with the following innovations that make this website unique:

    • Dynamic prizes distribution where number of signed up players determines prize money - how much a player wins is dependent upon how many players are in their league of play;
    • Sportsmanship rating  - rate your opponents from one to five when you submit match score. We’ll  then watch what players scores are and manage the league to ensure fair play;
    • Match notes - enter them when you submit a score and you can use them as reminder of opponents’ weaknesses, strength and worked tactics;
    • Reserved schedule - you can go in and see your opponent availability and propose play time in reference to that;
    • Superior customer service and an easy-to-use website - is formatted for computers, tablets and smartphones. No more scrolling and zooming in and out

    Join free the most technologically advanced tennis flex league website in United States. Become a champion and win money prizes, trophies and other awesome prizes. Play three seasons and get qualified for 2014 eTennis League sweepstake for two.

    For more information or to sing up please visit

    Price $ 25 $