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    Panic Button

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    Option 1 – Fee per handset per month                                      R        7-00  p/month incl. VAT


                                                                                                                         R       84-00 p/year incl. VAT


                                                                (Cell C, 8ta, Virgin Mobile Clients)


    e-Panic: This includes the services of the e-Panic Basic, but includes that our control room is notified as well. In return our operators will have access to your personal details and assist in making the arrangements required. Information such as relatives, medical aid details and medical history will be available if needed.




    Option 2 – Fee per handset per month                                       R      10-00 p/month incl. VAT


                                                                                                                          R    120-00 p/year incl. VAT


                                                                (Vodacom and MTN Clients)


    2.     <!--[endif]-->e-Mobile: Includes the panic button and allows our control room to locate you via Location Based Service (LBS). LBS is only available on the following networks VODACOM and MTN. In an event of an emergency we will be able to activate the LBS and locate the MSISDN number and send assistance to help.


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