Plot 3500HA for sale in Suriname

I'm delightful to offer for sale the property at Wanhatti in Suriname (South America) with the following information: 
The total area is 3,500 HA (35M square meters). 
The width is approx. 24 km, while the part along the Cottica River is 2.7 km. 
The Cottica River is not the widest, though the deepest river of Suriname. 

The village of Wanhatti is situated at the end of this land and when establishing any business part of the personnel can be recruited from this village. 
The property is in the name of a Limited Liability Company and with purchase of the plot this company is included, so notary fees do not have to be paid. 

The land can be reached easily via the East-West Line, exiting the Road to Wanhatti, which is a good passable sand/laterite road, along which there is electricity supply. 
The property is suitable for any kind of agriculture and bio-energy plantation like jatropha in particular.

The price of the whole property is € 0,15 per square meter, but there is room for negotiation. 
If you are seriously interested please contact my by direct mail for further info. Only direct buyers or mandated representatives are welcome to contact.
Thank you!

Price $ 0,19 per m2