Run your School & College Better with EduERP

“Every generation needs a revolution” by Thomas Jefferson Humans can never accept a monotone life style and always strive to get more or better whatever they have to bring some “radical” changes in their lives. This technological transformation has affected every field including the educational sector. Schools & Colleges have adopted and implemented ERP for better administration and to concentrate more on the area of their core competence i.e. delivery of knowledge. Gone are the days when the activities of school were only restricted to academics, these days every school and collegew need to take care of lot many things like admissions, personal records of teachers and students, Fees collection & expenses inorder to have systematic management of the administration of institute.EduERP is a web based comprehensive institute management software for school & college.
Earlier the maintainence of records of students & teachers used to be the most tedious and hectic task for the insititues. However with ERP for Schools and Colleges, the process of record storage became easy , secure , hassle free and time saving. Also with the automation of Fees collection the administration were facilated to have accurate record at the tip of their fingers Moreover ERP for Institutes provide a transparent mode of education wherein the parents can always keep an eye on their wards progress, the extra curricular activities, the events, meetings many more activities going on in the instituttion.Similarly , the students are well updated aboput their scores, assignments, faculty, timetable , notices through ERP. Its very evident that such ERP for School & Coleges have made the lives easy for their stake holders i.e. students, parents, teachers and management. For more details visit

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