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    Autotisement - Auto Rickshaw Advertisement is an exceptionally amazing way to increase your business easily.We are the inventors of Autotisement and vehical advertisement program. Our unique approach of modifying an auto rickshaw and an interesting attractive. We understand how markets function and respond to given stimuli. We offers a 4 sided branding with flexible customization options. We provides the following unmatched qualities and services:
    LED Lighten Displays (Absolute Innovation and Beautiful Feature of
    Displaying Ads in Night)
    Suggestion Box, Display Panels for Brochure inside the Auto Rickshaw
    Fibre Display around 4 Sides of Hood
    LCD Screen inside Auto
    Real Time Verification with Regular Photo Update
    Multi Display Panels inside Auto
    Well Communicable and message conveyor (Auto Rickshaw Driver)
    and much more...Our Specialised design modification of Auto's Hood attract the customers so easily and in sustaining manner, so that they always memorize what ad they have seen.
    We approach all clients with the clear aim of helping them fulfill their
    objectives and targets. Our servicing team is adapt at understanding the
    challenges you face and coordinates ably with the creative team to offer
    path breaking solutions. We believes in out-of-the box thinking and creative innovation. We follow the ritual of simplicity and sophistication. We offer an entire spectrum of innovative and effective advertisement planning before you go live with us.

    Price $ >= 3,000 per auto as per customization.

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