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We KALLERIANS are the leading suppliers of automatic hand dryers. We supply hand dryers of all types the industry is now equipped with. The various models include Jet Hand dryer, stainless steel hand dryer, Aluminium Hand dryer and abs hand dryers. Jet hand dryers are the latest models in the industry equipped with all high-end technology. It dries your hands within 5 to 7secs. Stainless steel hand dryers are specially made for industries that deal with chemicals. Aluminium hand dryers are suitable for any interior and for those who are concerned with durability. We also have Abs hand dryer, which is stylish, unique, and modern and comes in various designs with competitive price and unbeatable quality. It is also corrosion resistant made with an ever-shining abs non-breakable plastic.

We also have a hand dryer that suits for all type of applications and with various capacities which starts with 1200watt to 2500watts.And the all new JET Hand dryers run at the most reduced power of up to 850watt. All are fully automated with fast dry design and it dries within 10 sec to 30 sec, which may vary according to it capacity.

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Price $ Rs.3300/- to 49,000/-