Hek laser cutting service

Laser cutting product

HEK laser cutting machine has German key technology and parts, we can provide a wide range of best laser cutting service in a variety of materials

and improve the efficency of your production with short trial times for new

parts,high cutting, quality and less refinishing work.

Our laser cutting service: 

1. Laser cutting service for carbon steel 2. Laser cutting service for Mild steel


3. Laser cutting service for  stainless steel      4. Laser cutting service for titanium,aluminum,alloys


5. Laser cutting service for tube and pipe      6.Laser cutting service for components and fabricated metal parts in production

 Welcome to visit our web site: http://heklasercutting.ffob.org

Price $ according to meters
    Hek laser cutting Fac.

    Hek laser cutting Fac.

    EK Laser Cutting Fac. is recognized throughout China as one of the leading suppliers in 2 Dimensional laser cutting and laser cut products.

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