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    With all due respect, we are an import & export specialist in S.Korea cooperate with small and mid-size manufacturing industry supported by government. As many of you know that international trade & E-commerce industry is saturated and over-crowed past few years. Everyone is trying to find another way to develop and expand on one's business. Being global seller and expanding international trade & e-commerce industry, the most hardest of all is to find trusty supplier and manufacturer to build better relationship. We had experiences where we had been cheated and scammed by other suppliers and made us to hinder cross board trade. Another problem is within past few year, Major companies around the world monopolize the internatioanl trade & e-commerce market and destroy wholesaler, retailer and individuals. To face the truth we can’t compete against them and there fore We have collaborated with South Korea Government on e-commerce projects over the years and came with conclusion to take the improvement of efficiency inter-firm cooperation and the role of mid firms to help global seller by supplying accurate information of manufacturers and supplying what sellers really need. 

    we are currently expanding and promoting international trade & E-commerce business to find and build better relationship with others. lack of supplies or need wholesale, feel free to contact.

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