GSM Medical Alarm A10

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    GSM Medical Alarm A10

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    Name: GSM Medical Alarm

    Model: A10


    GSM Medical Alarm for elderly and senior health care

    GSM Elderly Guarder living monitor

    Medical Alarm 4Timers

    GSM Alarm


    GSM Medical Alarm A10 is a very innovative concept of GSM Panic Alarm, GSM Emergency Call System and GSM Medical Alarm System.

    GSM Medical Alarm A10 is the first product special for safeguard and medical and including spiritual care for the elderly in the worldwide. It can be used for monitoring aid, elderly person and all the emergency help through GSM Network with our innovative concepts.


    Mainly Features and Functions of GSM Medical Alarm A10:


    1)  Quad-Band (850/900/1800/1900Mhz) ensure it can work in the worldwide;

    2)  Big Red Panic Button or Waterproof Worn Panic Button to Ask For Emergency Help;

    3)  4 Wireless Watchdog Zones to Monitoring Activities of Daily Living;

    4)  3 Wireless 24Hours Zones to Monitoring Living Environment;

    5)  4 Timers for Reminding Elderly to Take Medicine on Time;

    6)   Familiarity Numbers For Easy to Dial 3 Telephone Numbers;

    7)   Large Capacity Rechargeable Backup Battery;

    8)   Self-checking Function;

    9)   User Friendly Configurations;

    10)  Wireless strobe siren warning when Alarm occurrence. (Optional).


    Standard Package list of GSM Medical Alarm A10:

    Control Panel X 1

    Waterproof Worn Panic Button X1

    USB Cable X1

    AC to DC Adaptor X1 (3VDC/1A)

    CD x1 (Including User Manual X 1, PC Configurator)

    GSM Medical Alarm A10 is the first product special for elderly and senior in the worldwide, including elderly living, elderly safe, elderly health care, elderly medical, elderly help, elderly aid, elderly alarm, elderly emergency call, elderly panic alarm. It will make elderly live safe, live free and enjoy life!


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