GPRS Temperature Logger S26X

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    GPRS Temperature Logger S26X

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    GPRS Temperature Logger

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    GPRS Temperature Logger S26X is an economical and practical solution for multipoint temperature measurement logging to Web Based Monitoring Center by GPRS in the worldwide!


    GPRS Temperature Logger S26X is special for real time remotely measuring temperature to the monitoring center by wireless GPRS Network. It will automatically upload the temperature to the Web Based monitoring center by GPRS.


    Moreover, the user can inquiry the current temperature and historical record from website at anywhere and anytime.


    GPRS Temperature Logger S26X is easily to setup by simple SMS Commands.



    1. GPRS Data Transmission, no distance limited;

    2. Transmission span time is programmable by user from 1~255minutes;

    3. Simply installation and easy to use;

    4. Programmable by SMS Commands;

    5. Measurement Temperature range -50~120℃(18B20 Temperature Sensor,S260,S261,S262), -50~300℃(PT100 Temperature Sensor,S263,S264).


    Standard Packing List:

    Control Unit X1,

    GSM ANT X1,

    User Manual X1(CD),

    AC/DC Adaptor X1,

    Temperature sensor X1.

    Price $ 20usd