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    Analysis of Optical Fiber Connector Development Direction

    Optical fiber connector development direction as below points according to the market and application requirements:


    DWDM channel increased fast, the density of optical interfaces became higher, dozens of transmit-receive interfaces may be arranged on a single board, in order to meet this request, the connector size need be modified to be smaller and smaller. LC and MU connector is the smallest, the pin outer diameter is 1.25mm, and the connector size is about 1/2 of SC connector size.

    High density connection

    High density connector type is using MT pins with MPO and MPX components, each MT pins can connect 24 sets fiber optics at most, and the size is similar as SC connector,. Insertion loss is higher than single fiber counterpoint connector, and angled connection is developed to improve connector performance which is with high-loss connection.

    Pull in and out insertion and extraction type

    Most fiber optical connector with pull in and out insertion and extraction type except FC and ST connectors, this type connector is very convenient to operate and use.

    Adaptor with multi-core integration

    In order to improve the connector density when mounting, integrate multiple adaptors together to reduce the average mounting area.

    Application of high power density

    When apply to EDFA and Raman amplifier, the fiber output power is over 300mW, the fiber power density of fiber optic connector facet output up to several kilowatts/mm2.


    To meet the requirement of security, the adaptors added sliding shutter, plugs integrate flexible protecting hood.