high performance connectors manufacturer

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    high performance connectors manufacturer

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    Sunkye International Co., Limited (Connector) Business Group, with sixty five years of experience, specializes in designing and producing connectors, related components and cables. A wide range of connector products, twist pin connector, optical fiber connector, RF coaxial connector, umbilical connector, custom and application-specific connector, etc, which are widely used in military area: aerospace, aviation, electrical, ship-building, defense system, etc and civil area: communication, telecom, automotive, rail, etc.

    Design team focuses on meeting customers’ requirement with continuous innovative technology, manufacture team provides high quality products by utilizing advanced equipments in standardized processes to ensure customers’ benefits.

    Sunkye is ISO 9001 certified, UL, VDE, CE certification passed, and ensures products quality by testing in realistic conditions with advanced test facilities, professional test employees.

    Sunkye team is committed to offering high quality products, best service, prompt delivery and competitive price for you.

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    Email: kelly@sunkye.com