Senior Oracle PL/SQL Engineer (IT - Nijmegen)

    Dorus Kanen

    Senior Oracle PL/SQL Engineer (IT - Nijmegen)

    Category: Subcontracting
    Current status: Closed
    By Dorus Kanen
    Reference Number: 352030

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    Senior Oracle PL/SQL Engineer (IT - Nijmegen) scheduled start: 15/08/2013 scheduled expiration: 15/08/2014

    Available for a longer time, up to 3 years, within 1 hour travel distance from site Nijmegen. Strong analytic skills.

    brief project description: Integrate project, lasting 3 years, with EU subsidy. Goal is to improve productivity, measure tact time, improve analysis


    Functie eisen

    seniority: > 5 - 5 years

    skills: J2EE Java > 5 years

    skills: Knowledge of architecture and n-tier designs 3-5 years

    skills: Unix and Linux > 5 years

    skills: Communication > 5 years

    sector know-how: Industrial environment, creating own solutions 3-5 years

    foreign language: English business fluent

    project language: Dutch 

    Contactpersoon Thierry van Schie

    Salary $ tbd

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