Manufacturer looking for dealers and distributors.

    Edward OU

    Manufacturer looking for dealers and distributors.

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    Manufacturer looking for dealers and distributors.

    Most of our products is the know how - so sales are high and easy to sell. At the moment we are expanding to Scandinavia by offering molds for garden path. Industrial-, street-, commercial-, agro-  and other LED lighting.

    New products in 2013:
    - Mold for the garden path. You need a concrete and mold. It's simple and cheap. The cost of the garden path about 1.50 € / m2
    garden path
    - LED lighting for growing plants. plants grow bigger and stronger by 20%.

    - Our oven allocates electricity. You drown wood, and your laptop or your phone is charging. The stove produces 50Wt.

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    Become a dealer and work in your market.

    We are waiting for new dealers and partners! Thank you.

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      Edward OU

      Edward OU

      We offer you cooperation on gardening topics. We manufacture patented molds for garden path. Our mold is made of durable plastic and can withstand a lot of applications.

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