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    Business Activ Consult is recruting truck drivers for Europe

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    By Business Activ Consult
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    The drivers must have experience at least 6 months on trucks of 40 tonnes, ADR, digital card, qualification card, driving licence C+E. They must know at a medium level English language.


    Salary: 1500 euro/ month net, with possibility of increasing

    Accommodation: PROVIDED by the employer in flats

    The transport return fare is PAID by the employer during the contract period

    Working: 8 weeks and 2, 3 weeks the driver can go home, but in the time they are at home, they are not paid.

    Salary $ 1700/1800
      Business Activ Consult

      Business Activ Consult

      Business Activ Consult LTD is a progressive, privately owned recruitment agency, founded in Cluj-Napoca in 2003.

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