Senior analyst - Data planning

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    Senior analyst - Data planning

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    Senior analyst - Data planning

    Harnessing large volumes of data from different sources and develop centralized database to help Analytics team.
    Collaborating closely with internal teams (marketing analytics, account management, interactive strategy) and integrate different data sources
    Maintaining regular documentation of database processes and procedures, such as data imports, data cleaning, Q/A, variable transformations, and reporting templates.
    Working with analytics team to generate different level of reports
    Gathering business requirements and identifying measures to be incorporated into the centralized database.
    Establishing measurement infrastructure for data capture and reporting. As necessary, determining and documenting processes to ensure end to end data tracking.
    Maintaining a functional expertise in database creation, database management techniques, and other similar requirements.
    Creating holistic dashboards by pulling data from different data sources.
    The person will also work with the technology team closely to identify gaps in the data capture strategy and collaboratively implement enhancements

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