Looking for Business Development Experts


    Looking for Business Development Experts

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    To apply to this job you need to have at-least one passion it can be music, movies, travel, reading, driving..anything but you need to be passionate about that...like REALLY passionate !


    We are looking for aggressive Freelance/Full Time Business Development / Marketing Consultants in multiple cities in India,US, MiddleEast, Netherlands, Belgium, Norway and UK for our mobile/web app development services.

    It is a Business Development role which requires aggressive marketing and sales efforts. You can be in your shorts and work from home but need to wear the right attitude when you are on it.


    The most important skill any sales guy should have, is negotiation. Right? Then negotiate it with us, fight for it and set your own compensation.

    Working Hours: 

    Decide yourself..Plan yourself..Execute Yourself..Just keep an eye on your targets..not on your watch!

    If you think all this is funny but still serious about it then send your profile to mobileapps@live.in . Subject of the email should be "Rockstar Bizdev" .



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