Smart Vento Global Team

Smart Vento Global Team

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Breve descrição: Prelaunch that pays

Get Paid:

To make the best use of this, make sure you get yourself SMS verified and also ask all your downline (whom you know) to be SMS verified. This would allow you to get into inner genealogy and also get downline in inner genealogy. Based on your downline strength in inner genealogy, you would be paid when prelaunch is over.

Get SMS verified:

During prelaunch you are eligible for payment only if you get SMS verified. It is free and quick.
Login to your SmartVento account here , and you will be prompted for SMS verification if you have not already verified. You are eligible for SMS verification once you have sponsored at least two new members and they have verified their email.

Your downline needs to be SMS verified:

Get your downline SMS verified. Only your verified downline enter inner binary genealogy. You earn commission from your SMS verified downline. It is free to verify, so spread the news.








Payment Methods
Payza and Bank Transfer

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Smart Vento Global Team

Smart Vento Global Team

Prelaunch that pays

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