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Centillien is a global network dedicated to companies. No time to read ? In short, we provide all you need to increase your business network and find new customers and opportunities.

So if you are serious about your business, Join now for only 9,95/year.


Company profile Company Profile: All published content is connected to your own company page. For smaller companies, Centillien can be an alternative  for a company website

Activity page Activity page: See what you and your connections did.  

Connect Connect: Build your business network by connecting to other organisations. You can invite others to join and increase your company popularity. 

Business Groups  Groups: Create a business group or invite all your colleagues to join your private company group.

Tasks  Tasks: Manage your personal tasks, or use it to cooperate with other companies. Forgot about it, never mind, we will send a reminder to finish it.

Free advertisement Markets: Advertise with built in payment option. Every registered company gets 3 reusable advertisement slots.

Worldwide job portal Jobs : Do you need new personnel ? Create a job advertisement. A maximum of 10 job slots are included.  Close or remove old jobs please. 

Company news News: Write business news articles. 

Microblog Centillien Microblog: Send short messages to your connections.

Search and browse Search and browse: Strong search capabilities to make sure you find what you need.

Video integration Videos: Video is a good method of publishing a message. Easy youtube sharing in pages or news by pasting the full URL.  

Display your photos in albums Photos: Very popular on Centillien. Upload and display your photos and business images.

Event management Event management: Do you host an event, register it on Centillien, invite speakers and participants and manage the number of seats. 

RSS News feeds: Feed news from Centillien to your web or news site. 

Twitter integratie Twitter integration:  Display or find out what is on the minds of twitterers

Wiki style pages Wiki style pages: Create or co create pages with other companies on any subject and become a subject matter expert.

Files and Photos Share files, photos, links: Show your products and service in pictures, photos or presentations (slideshow).

Share on other social networks Share on other networks: Share pages, bookmarks, and other stuff on facebook, linkedin, twitter and other social media.

Polls Polls: Find out what others think about a subject

Dashboard Dashboard: A personal dashboard to get an overview what is happening in Centillien that might interest you.

Languages support Multi Language support: Centillien's core language is English, we support 15 other languages. We depend on volunteers for this, so if you want to help, become a translator.

Share and rate Bookmark tool : Powerful tool to gather all interesting information on Internet and add comments to it to start a discussion.


In short, all you need to increase your business network and find new customers and opportunities.


So join now for only 9,95/year and enjoy the power of networking.