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Centillien is a global social network dedicated to companies. Other popular social networks focus on personal use or even professional, but none have centered companies as their targeted audience. All our functionality is focused on helping companies building their network and get additional business. 

Policy: We do not allow MLM marketeers, home based business advertisers, illegal propositions, sexual, harmful or misleading content.

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Functionality list


Company profile Company Profile: All published content is connected to your own company page. For smaller companies, Centillien can be an alternative  for a company website

Activity page Activity page: See what you and your connections did.  

Connect Connect: Build your business network by connecting to other organisations. You can invite others to join and increase your company popularity. 

Business Groups  Groups: Create a business group or invite all your colleagues to join your private company group.

Tasks  Tasks: Manage your personal tasks, or use it to cooperate with other companies. Forgot about it, never mind, we will send a reminder to finish it.

Free advertisement Markets: Advertise with built in payment option. Every registered company gets 3 reusable advertisement slots.

Worldwide job portal Jobs : Do you need new personnel ? Create a job advertisement. A maximum of 10 job slots are included.  Close or remove old jobs please. 

Company news News: Write business news articles. 

Microblog Centillien Microblog: Send short messages to your connections.

Search and browse Search and browse: We have over 500.000 pages registered in Google so visitors can find any content you publish.

Video integration Videos: Video is a strong method of publishing a message. Link any existing Youtube or Vimeo video to your profile. 

Display your photos in albums Photos: Very popular on Centillien. Upload and display your photos and business images.

Event management Event management: Create and manage events. Companies and visitors can subscribe to an event online.

RSS News feeds: Feed news from Centillien to your existing website. You can also import news feeds to Centillien.

Twitter integratie Twitter integration:  Display or find out what is on the minds of twitterers

Wiki style pages Wiki style pages: Create or co create pages with other companies on any subject and become a subject matter expert.

Files and Photos Share files, photos, links: Show your products and service in pictures, photos or presentations (slideshow).

Share on other social networks Share on other networks: Share pages, bookmarks, and other stuff on facebook, linkedin, twitter and other social media.

Polls Polls: Find out what others think about a subject

Dashboard Dashboard: A personal dashboard to get an overview what is happening in Centillien that might interest you.

Languages support Multi Language support: Centillien's core language is English, we support 15 other languages. We depend on volunteers for this, so if you want to help, become a translator.

Share and rate Bookmark tool : Powerfull tool to gather all interesting information on Internet and add comments to it to start a discussion.


We will always be creating new functions and new ways to help you build your business, so you might want to check this page regularly.


So join now and enjoy the power of networking.

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