Wedding Photography/Wedding Videography/Cinematography

Wedding Photography/Wedding Videography/Cinematography

Wedding Photography/Wedding Videography/Cinematography

By Linkers Catering 9 October 2012 @ 8:42am

Wedding Photography
Linkers have arrangements for wedding photographers to best suit your budget and requirements for your event celebrations, pre wedding shoot, engagement photo shoot, bridal photo shoot and more.
A wedding is not just an occasion, it more than an occasion, it is a confluence of traditions, it is memory. A marriage is a memorable occasion in the lifetime of a person. As such, the person would want this special occasion to be captured by the camera forever. This is where wedding photography comes in the picture. The wedding photographs would be a sweet reminder of the marriage ceremony. You could also arrange the photographs in a decorative wedding album. For the special touch, you could customize your wedding album with personal captions of each photo.

Linkers wedding planner can facilitate to capture the most memorable moments of your life by ace lens men, one who can freeze your expressions for a lifetime. To create an everlasting memories for the generations to cherish. The quality of photography depends on shooting & their equipment but general people do not aware about these Criteria.
We bring multi-directional soft studio lighting, creating light that is slimming to the body, resulting in more flattering photos. We hire professional and experienced photographers who assist people in creating & capturing their dreams on their magical day.

• Offers black and white photography and digital photography.
• Portfolio Shoots of Family Members.
• Decorative, Beautiful & designer albums.
• Screens and cranes
• Suggesting a variety of packing styles according to the latest trends.
• Exclusive Photography and Video coverage
Wedding Videography/Cinematography
Linkers have arrangements for professional wedding cinematography in a range of styles from the traditional to documentary, Bollywood to quirky
Linkers also shoot live video songs of Bride, Groom & family


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