Pool Heat Pumps

Pool Heat Pumps

Pool Heat Pumps

By PARAM PREET SINGH 6 August 2012 @ 2:05pm

Quality Comes with Warranty

“DANA HEAT PUMPS” are specially designed as per Gcc climatic conditions.A highly energy-efficient pool heating/cooling solution,with a simple cost-effective design,with various models and premium features, there is sure to be an “DANA”pool heat pump perfectly suited to your needs.A team of professionally skilled workforce ensures the highest standards of quality for the global market. Delivery schedules are promptly executed to meet market deadlines and International Standards.Our products are exported to Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Jordan, Yemen, Libya & vast number of other Arab Countries.

DANA HEAT PUMPS (Chiller-cum-Heater)


(Ideal for use in Swimming Pools & Laundry Machines).

MODEL:- DANA DCH-5000 // DANA DCH-2500
Electrical Supply Three Phase 440V
Refrigerant/Charge R-22
Condenser Fan Cooled Tube /Plate Type With Weather Protection
Compressor SCROLL Type (Made in USA)
Compressor Power Rating 5 Tons [DCH-5000]


2.5 Tons [DCH-2500]

Water Pump Power Rating 1 HP
Cooling/Heating Capacity 60,000 BTU for DCH-5000


30,000 BTU for DCH-2500

Temperature Control 10 degrees to 45 degrees celcius
Size 120 cms x 90cms x 35 cms [DCH-5000]


80 cm x 66cm x 33 cms



“We also make custom made 10 ton & 20 ton Chillers for special orders.”

  • Capacity is in U.S Gallon,1 U.S Gallon=3.8 Ltr.
  • For a detailed Technical Specifications Sheet and Complete Catalogue please feel free to Contact us.
  • Keeping in pace with rapid technological developments all technical specifications & models are liable to change without prior notice.

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    DANA STEEL PROCESSING INDUSTRIES LLC is a quality manufacturer of multidiscipline cable support systems in the middle east. With manufacturing facilities in Dubai,Ajman,UAQ [UAE],Libya & Bhiwadi(NCR)New delhi [INDIA]