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    We are currently looking for mining equipments and medical Supplies for our Artisan miners.They are in possession of huge quantities of minerals and willing to joint venture with companies who can provide the above in exchange of partial payments with minerals

    Contract value $ 10,000,000

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      • GTI GASSER
        GTI GASSER

        I am looking for partners and distributors
        Regards Christian gasser...


        The volume rate measuring system USMS has been developed and tested specifically for

        such applications in cooperation with NASA technicians.

        The ultrasonic measuring system allows exact and reliable measurement of conveyor belt

        flow rates by means of laser controlled ultrasonic sensors. The customer can govern all

        processes in real time to intercept any arising production difficulties, and has progressive,

        concise performance reports for further evaluation.



        • Benjamin Company Limited
          Benjamin Company Limited

          Hello sir
                  We do saw your mail, and we want to tell you that you are welcome to Benchem limited, we want you to know that we are ready to deliver to you any kind  of chemicals of your choice , but before we move forward you have to provided this information for us
          (1) Company Name
          (2) Types of chemicals needed
          (3) Country
          (4) person in charge
          (5) shipping Address
          (6) Total chemicals needed
          please you should fill in the form and return and we will give you our detail for us to move forward.Thank you once again and regard we await your swift reply

          you can also call for more detail +447012926131 or Email us benjaminanderson840@hotmail.com

          Best Regards

          Eastafrican Land & Sea Extractors Agency

          Eastafrican Land & Sea Extractors Agency

          We Are the major Source for all Metals & Minerals in the great lakes regions of Africa

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