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Zingzon Instruments is one of the latest Company of Surgical instruments. It was established in Sialkot.

Sialkot is known as biggest Manufacturer of surgical instruments industry around the world. We are manufacturing instruments since last 50 years. But since last 5 years, we are Exporting Surgical, Dental, Eyes, Diagnostic Instruments, Pedicure & Manicure instruments and a wide range of scissors.
These instruments are of high quality and well design and all these instruments are made according to the need and demand of our customers. We also provide free samples to our customers for their approval.
We are also ready to produce new products according to modern techniques. So, we encourage you to forward us your master samples or drawings enabling us to give you delivery according to your requirements.
Marketing will play a vital role in the success of our company. We provide perfect working environment to our staff. They believe in the concept that a "healthy body has a healthy mind". We have specialized and experienced staff they are motivated and highly skilled.
Our behavior is friendly with our customers. Our mission is providing best quality of our products and increase customers’ satisfaction and establishes long-term relationships with customers.
We are committed to offer economical price, discount rate and quickly time delivery. Prices are stable for one year, after which they may be changed when the price of steel will be increased.
We require a minimum order of US$1000 to process a delivery.

Short description: Zingzon Instruments is one of the latest Company of Surgical instruments.
Company name
Company address: VILLAGE CHARIND, P.O Box Channo moom
Slogan: Zingzon
Postal Code: 51310
Telephone: +92 331 6171 657
Mobile phone: +92 331 6171 657
Skype username: zingsurgizon


Unique Selling Point: Manicure Pedicure Instruments
Chamber of Commerce:: Sialkot
Contact Person: Ihsan Ellahi
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