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Sri Lanka , is a beautiful island in the Indian ocean situated 50 km off the southern tip of India. Though it is a small island, it contains an unparalleled diversity of scenic sights, sounds and scents; colorful ceremonies and quaint customs, culture and crafts; monolithic ruins and titanic monuments of a civilization both ancient and advanced; a multitude of climes and ecosystems from tropical rainforests to subalpine evergreen, rich farmlands to arid scrub jungle; extravagant fauna and flora, wonderful wilderness and wildlife; plus over 1125 km of pristine palm-fringed shoreline where one can swim, surf, snorkel, sail or simply soak up the sun.
You can experience and enjoy all these within your vacation if you carefully plan your tour since all these within a short 6 hours drive at most, one from another. So plan your tour with Wonderful Sri Lanka Tours. We have well planed, well organized tour packages specially designed for you for a reasonable price with our years of experience in tourism industry.

Our goal is to provide a unique, unforgettable travel experience that reflects the traveller's true desires and interests and perform this service with professionalism, creativity and knowledge. We want our clients to experience the real Sri Lanka, rather than see it.

Short description: wonderfull srilanka is a travel agency
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