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Andando Tours was founded by FiddiAngermeyer in 1992 with the sole purpose of exceeding passenger's expectations, allowing them to really experience the sensations and emotions of Ecuador's wonderful surroundings, without having to worry about anything.

Today, after almost twenty years they have found the perfect formula for delivering the best experience possible to the tourist. Through their associated operators; Angermeyer Cruises, with over thirty years’ experience in the Galapagos Islands and Humboldt Expeditions, the experts in the Avenue of Volcanoes as well as their network of strategic partners running the length and breadth of Ecuador, they guarantee the most memorable of experiences, with tours operated with professionalism and security and where the only responsibility of their customers is to enjoy themselves. 

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Company address: Moreno Bellido E6-167 y Av. Amazonas
Postal Code: 17210088
Telephone: (593 2) 323 7330


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