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Working together to develop your staff, team or organization.
The strength of Vsolutions lies in the realization of practical, workable solutions and a no-nonsense mentality.

Interim Management:
• The temporary management of a department, to replace a manager until a permanent solution is found.
• Leading a change process, so the company management is spared.
• Rebuilding a department or organization after poor management
• Guidance with the development of vision or enhancing your organisation.

Shadow Management:
Shadow Management is a special form of coaching for interim managers in a contract. The coaching takes place on an equal basis. The coach acts as a sounding board and mirror for the interim manager.

Change Management:
Change processes are complex. Change management is especially managing dilemmas. Effective change requires finding a balance between people and systems, between wish and reality and between reason and emotion.

Project Management:
With a practical no-nonsense attitude Vsolutions assures your project meets the results you desire. The Prince2 methodology is used 

If you have a question or problem that you want explored independently. Vsolutions can help you formulate the question clearly.
Vsolutions Analyzes your ambition and complications in order to achieve a clearly formulated question to come. From that question a work plan is written to achieve a well-founded recommendation.

Coaching & counseling:
A new manager, change process, or reflection on actions of a manager that faces a problem. A variety of situations where coaching or supervision of individual employees or a group can help to grow.
Practical and tailored to the needs of the employee(s) or situation.


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Short description: Interim Management, Project Management, Change Management, Consultancy,
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