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Union Kehlibar Ltd designs, constructs and manufactures packaging machines and equipment for the needs of the food-processing industry. 

The company offers complete and integrated solutions for the packaging of miscellaneous products.

During the production of the packaging installations, different considerations are taken into account: safety of the machines operation, easy and intuitive usage of the equipment, intelligent modular structure, easy integration and synchronization between the different modules of the machine.

While understanding the needs of its clients and taking into consideration the global trends in the development of the packaging industry, the company is trying to:
- offer more integrated and complete solutions for automation and optimization of the production processes.
- popularize the new trends in the packaging industry and view the package as a competitive advantage, rather than means of preservation and transportation. 
- maintain competitive pricing and high quality of the offered equipment.

The product portfolio of the company includes:
• vertical packaging machines
• horizontal packaging
• flowpack packaging machines
• wrapping machines
• thermoforming (blister) machines
• filling machines
• weighing dosing systems
• auger dosing systems
• volumetric dosing systems
• feeding elevators
• transport belts
• marking and printing devices
• flavouring barrels
• mixers and homogenizers
• dryers

Short description: Union Kehlibar Ltd designs, constructs and manufactures packaging machines and equipment for the needs of the food-processing industry.
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Company address: str."Vazrazhdane" 64, Koprivets, 7120, Byala, Ruse district
Postal Code: 7120
Telephone: 00359887829304
Personal or Company websitehttp://www.unionkehlibar.com
Twitter account: https://twitter.com/ukehlibar


Contact Person: Todor Todorov
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      Flow pack machine used for packing of biscuits. For more information visit our website www.unionkehlibar.com or www.unionkehlibar.bg
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         It's used for packing of sugar.  For more information visit our website www.unionkehlibar.com or www.unionkehlibar.bg
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          This packaging installation could be used for packing of variety of products like buscuits, snacks, chips, pasta, nuts, dried fruits, jelly beans, marshmallow, candies, frozen products and other granular products with regular and irregular shape....
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