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APCL Photo Grande Enterprises aims to provide low-cost yet high quality digital printing services for the budget conscious market. We also produce professional and premium business and id cards which central feature is an integrated QR Code (barcode) which allows the card owner to share his contact information with ease, by just scanning the barcode using a regular mobile phone with camera, anyone can capture the whole contact information without typing anything.

The uEDGE brand is our registered trademark, which sells premium QR-Coded (barcoded) business and id cards.

Short description: We Make you on your EDGE, YOU GOT THE EDGE!!!
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Telephone: 384-8245, 655-7492, 408-7137

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      Easily share your contact details using your business card through QR CODE GET THE CRUCIAL FIRST IMPRESSIONS! Level up your business card. GO HIGH-TECH coz YOU GOT THE EDGE!!! Be with uEDGE!!! Contact us: 384-8245, 655-7492,...
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