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Born in Leicester UK, moved to The Netherlands in the 90's. Moved to Hong Kong in 2011.

In the final year of my education I started my first multimedia company, “BE inspired”. Managing this for over 7 years provided me with a good amount of experience leading a team of up to 8 professionals specialising in cutting-edge web technologies. BE inspired acquired clients such as TNT, Nike, Museum Singer Laren, Canon, Yamaha, Filmuseum and Wicky.

At the end of 2009 I left BE inspired to launch Ltd. With the confidence and expertise of over a decade experience in Multimedia, provides clients with professional and creative high-end Multimedia and web application development services.

My experience has involved partaking and overseeing development of almost 500 websites and web applications, dealing with a varied range of project sizes. I have worked with small start-up businesses through to multinational organisations.

Besides running my company outside office hours, I am also working full-time for Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange where I am responsible for the website, member's website, CMS/Admin system and Intranet with several, custom developed, key internal web applications.

Short description: Web applications, efficiency consultancy.
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Company address: Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong
Telephone: +852 6843 9917



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