The Unique Group Ltd.


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The Unique Group has sales and marketing teams in multiple cities across the world and has established global presence for itself. We offer eco friendly packaging solutions for clients from all parts of the world, and have created quite an impressive client base with our services. Excellent customer service and innovative products are the backbone of our business, and we make sure you receive what you want. Choose from a wide range of zipper pulls, hang tags, patches, seals, etc.

Short description: The Unique Group is a market leader in providing label and packaging solutions to one and all.
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Company address: 525 Denison Street, Unit 3A
Slogan: From Labels to Packaging, Your One Stop Global Solution
Postal Code: L3R 1B8
Telephone: 905-479-4801
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Twitter account: @theunqpackaging


Contact Person: Asher Lichtman
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    • Asher Lichtman
      Imagine for a moment that you are in a charge of the product packaging department of your organization that manufactures chocolate candy. Since the packaging of their product has started to look old, they are planning to update it. As a product...
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