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The mission for The Pie Hole exists today to provide their customers with a great cafe experience. They believe this experience first starts with great pie and coffee, sourcing primarily local high quality ingredients and custom roasting organic and ethically growncoffee to demanding specifications. The Pie Hole hand makes all items from scratch. They focus on responsibly sourced ingredients that lends a quality to the already authentic American experience of great pie and coffee that is sadly all to uncommon. They believe a pie shop is a living institution, a neighborhood gathering spot, and a welcoming environment for all. The Pie Hole is a family run small business that seeks to be the best part of everyone's day.

Short description: Pie Shop, Breakfast Restaurant, Dessert Restaurant, Bakery, Coffee Shop
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Company address: 714 Traction Ave Los Angeles, CA 90013
Telephone: 213-537-0115


Contact Person: Kevin Carter
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