Business description

XFT has logged over 3 Billion miles (5 Billion Kilometers) of successful engine operation. This equates to over 65 million hours of engine run time with XFT in the tank. It is amazingly effective and perfectly safe. It’s an ideal product for both individuals and business owners, and Syntek Global is pleased to make it available to all those seeking to reach a higher level of income and achieve their dreams.

XFT is time-tested and previously used for over 20 years by large industrial companies and sold in large 55-gallon drums. But now, XFT is available to the general public in small inexpensive bottles and foil packs for their daily use.

Short description: business opportunity for individuals to earn extra income up to 1000 US dollars monthly with our oil company
Company name
Company address: P.o.Box 82 Accra Ghana.
Slogan: fuel and money savings
Telephone: +233246363916
Mobile phone: +233246363916
Twitter account: dkonney
Skype username: dorcas.konney66


Contact Person: Dorcas Konney
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