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The main actors in the dynamic and global business environment of today are the top level and senior managers in any corporate environment. They are the people who need to make strategies and take decisions that will have far reaching impact on the fortunes of their enterprises.

What do these people need to make the right decisions?

In a very short phrase, accurate and timely information, conjured up from diverse and complex business processes and very often, information generated at geographically dispersed locations both within and outside the enterprise. We call this the information challenge.
Service Description
SS offers Build-Operate-Transfer services and software consultancy for new ventures as well as Software Product Companies enabling them to introduce new products rapidly and cost effectively.
SS's full spectrum, high quality, reliable and cost-effective Software Product
development services including:

* Product Conceptualization & Prototyping
* Product Design & Development
* Product Testing & Quality Assurance
* Product Maintenance & Support
* Product Re-engineering & Migration

Product Conceptualization & Prototyping

There is a continuous need for Software Product companies and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to establish utility of their products to Key Clients and Investors. SS helps clients validate their idea and deliver a prototype solution to the investors in record time. SS aims to work in close collaboration with the client organization to understand their vision and objectives in order to conceptualize their new products. We not only support our customers through conceptualization and prototyping but we also support them through all stages of product life-cycle from concept to transferring the developed product.

+ Identify Risks and risk reduction plan
+Prototyping/Sample Screens Development
+ Proof Of Concept (POC)
+ Requirements Specifications - Functional/Usability
+ Greater predictability for mid term and long term planning
+ Increased competitiveness and growth while addressing the changing market needs

Product Development

SS has the product development expertise required to develop software products; starting from product definition, planning, design, development (coding), release management, and quality assurance testing to deployment and maintenance. We provide our clients with the technical expertise required to launch not only superior quality products but also in record time to market. We have a team that has experienced and quality professionals that have a prove track record in working with start-ups, Venture Funded software product companies, assisting them with their development challenge.

+ Requirements Definition
+ Architecture Design
+ Product Development
+ Release Management
+ Q/A and Testing
+ Documentation
+ Improved time to market
+ Increased software quality and reduced software development and maintenance costs
+ Better management through application of skilled resources
+ Introduction of innovative features as per market requirements
+ Selection of most appropriate software engineering methodology

Product Maintenance & Support

Software product companies are often faced with special management concerns in the areas of maintenance, upgrades and new releases. This phase of the product life cycle is widely recognized as not only being the longest, but also the most expensive phase. Research shows that a typical software product company devotes in excess of 50% of its total programming effort on support and maintenance, including upgrades.
Our outsourcing services help clients realize significant value and cost benefits from outsourcing their support and maintenance function and activities. We help software providers meet the challenge of ongoing product support and maintenance with a range of services designed to substantially lower their maintenance costs and ensure timely response and guaranteed service

+ On Spot/Remote Support & Help Desk
+ Adding new features
+ Improving existing features
+ Adding components to a specific functionality
+ Consulting analysis for quickly identifying new functionalities
+ Making software available on various platforms (porting and migration)
+ Adapting existing software as web services
+ Enhance value of your product through superior support and maintenance
+ Improved Time-to-Market due to faster release cycles
+ Maintain a flexible resource pool
+ Extending Market Opportunities
+ Reduce development time by using Collaborative development
+ Reduce cost of enhancement by outsourcing to cost effective vendor

Product Testing and Quality Assurance

Increasingly software product companies are coming to realize that delivering high-quality software on time and on budget in demanding market requires that they partner with offshore vendors for all aspects of the software development process from product development to software testing.
SS helps allay the fear of resource and time crunch helping our customers
build healthy, reliable, secure, and user-friendly software products by providing quality offshore software testing services. We dedicate engineers with the right skills to your quality assurance program to define testing objectives and process.
Our offshore team in Pakistan will work hand-in-hand with you to understand the project requirements, define the scope, and control quality throughout the project lifecycle. We will take the time to understand how your customers use the product and then test accordingly across a broad platform matrix.

+ Functional Testing
+ Regression Testing
+ Performance and Stress Testing
+ Unit and Integration Testing
+ System and User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
+ Test Planning and Case Development
+ Automated Quality Assurance
+ Quality Tracking of various Releases
+ Testing and Quality Assurance
+ Reduced Testing Costs
+ Improved Product Quality and Reliability
+ Reduced time to market

Product Re-engineering

SS helps its clients handle the Migration and porting challenge through its
outsourcing services. We provide the appropriate solution - combining the strategy designed to increase the portability of your application to future platforms and tool kits with an in-depth knowledge of the latest software technologies involved.

Our team of experts in Migration and re-engineering, would not only focus on converting your application to run in a new environment but it also ensures that the reliability and integrity of your application is maintained through the migration process.

We have expertise in different platforms and programming languages and can quickly mobilize resources with the right mix of skills for your Migration needs.


+ Platform Migration and Support
+ Database Migration (SQL Server, Oracle, DB2 etc)
+ Re-architect the product to enterprise level (scale-up) or single user level (scale-down)
+ Application Service Provider (ASP) and Software As A Service (SaaS) Enablement
+ Programming Language Migration
+ Increase your reach to new customers by offering product in various platforms
+ Reduce high costs of maintaining in-house staff to perform redundant and repetitive
+ Maintain a wider product portfolio by re-allocating the resources to more complex and innovative tasks

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