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Solstice Technologies, Inc. is a renowned provider of professional recording and duplication equipment for DVD, CD, Blu-Ray, HD-DVD, USB, and SD CF Flash Memory Cards. They also counted among the leading suppliers of automated printing and heat seal wrapping equipment for all optical disc applications. Being an innovator in CD and DVD production publishing and printing equipment since 1994, today they offer more than 500 products to fit every optical disc and flash media publishing need.

Today, Solstice Technologies continue in providing integrated solutions to automate the transformation of digital content into deliverable disc and media flash card form for the consumer and commercial marketplace. The plan for growth of the company involves continuing to identify new technologies that have a synergy with its existing products that fill important customer needs across a spectrum of markets.

Short description: Solstice Technologies offers forensic data collection devices, degaussers, shredders & HDD copiers. They are a worldwide provider of duplication and recording equipment for DVD, CD, Blu-Ray, HD-DVD, USB, and SD CF flash memory cards.
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Telephone: 240-235-0602
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