Business description

soft-shai-trading supplies with stationery e.g counter books,flip charts,rexel staple,paper clips and cleaning materials in various areas such as schools,offices,organistions etc. coming to events,we assist in organising conferences,events such as weddings with decoration,birthday parties, we take pictures, videorising and render gas stoves including mobile fridge. The business also renders  sound system such as amplify,loud speakers according to the hall,micro-phones,sub hoofers,audio mixing.

Short description: supplies with stationery,cleaning materials,decoration,sound system and videorising on events.
Company name
Company address: 10 weare Road, Cambridge West
Slogan: get the best, bring the best!
Postal Code: 5201
Telephone: 0437268553
Mobile phone: 0746815373


Unique Selling Point: N/A
Contact Person: 0746815373
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