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The oldest city of the Bay. Originates from the III century BC. It was a trade, naval and commercial center of the Illyrian state. Arrival of the Romans in Risan built palaces with najbojim Greek marble, decorated with beautiful sculptures and mosaics that are still up to today and is a cultural treasure of immense value. Among the large number of mosaics distinguishes the Mosaic God Hypnos, which is the only mosaic figure of the god of sleep in the world. Nearby (10 km) is an airport Tivat as well as a neighboring Croatia Dubrovnik airport (50km). Transportation can provide as you want. The apartments are in a newly-built house located in a peaceful part of the town, 100 m from the beach. The location is very suitable for the families with small children. There are 4 apartments. The size of each apartment is 37 m2. There are 1 bedrooms in each apartment (total 4+1 bed per apartment), kitchen / dining room & bathroom. Each apartment has its own terrace (with a table and the chairs). Also in the apartments are fridge and air conditioning, In front of the house is the common yard (200 m2) with reserved parking space

Short description: vacation, holiday, accommodation, cheap, last minute, special offers, discounts, view, walking, swimming
Company address: Risan Montenegro e65
Telephone: 0038269453487
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